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Strong stance against JavaScript

I hate JavaScript, you hate JavaScript, everyone hates JavaScript, but how come every fucking site in existence uses it? JavaScript is literally the worst thing I get to experience every day when trying to find something on the internet. You could say, 3un0s, don't you like having to enable a bajillion scripts from bajillion different domains in uMatrix on almost every site there is? No I don't, and you should not either.

I know JavaScript has its uses here and there and many things just wouldn't be possible without it, take online banking and shopping as great examples of such uses. I like shopping online, I like to receive money, I like many things that JavaScript makes possible. I don't like seeing blank pages without loading a dozen scripts though. I don't like seeing paywalls after enabling those scripts either.

Of course JavaScript makes many bad things possible, like tracking users and whatnot. And yet no one seems to be doing anything to end this abuse. Well not untill a few days ago when I made my homepage display "This site works only with JavaScript disabled". With that I want to show that I'm against incorrect use of JavaScript and in the coming days I will make that message be displayed on all my sites.

Pick your side and do something to make the web a slightly better place.

I would also like to give a shoutout to everyone not using JavaScript for everything, thank you for your hard work.