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My beef with the VPS industry or why I'm going back to Riseup

I'm really angry right now, like really, really angry, mainly at the VPS industry but also at the whole situation with e-mail in this day and age.

The whole story begins with my free trial with linode ending, I thought it would be just fine after that, I would pay $5 and keep using it, but when the invoice came I was infuriated, of course an US company would not tell me upfront it's a price before any taxes or at least the information wouldn't be clearly visible with big red box around it just to make sure I got that. In the end I paid $6.15, 23% more (VAT in Poland).

Well of course you can blame me for not expecting that or not reading everything on a page but what's done is done. After I paid that I started looking for another VPS provider and after almost a month I found... none, none that fit my criteria, at least.

Why none fit my criteria? Because they require phone numbers, sending a photo of your ID to "verify" that you're a real person, not a scammer (imagine being a scammer and paying monthly to even use the service, smh), their prices are insane, they don't support adequate operating systems (OpenBSD/FreeBSD; latest version is a must), their policies are unclear or they're simply behind CloudFlare (if you don't know what's wrong with CloudFlare, clone and go through this: https://git.leglock.me/stop-cloudflare/ ). Simply put, they're not what you could consider sane companies.

And what's wrong with the whole e-mail sitation, 3un0s? Well they require a lot of things you can't get at your house, just to prevent spam (have you ever got any spam? I haven't). Just ask your ISP for an rDNS record and they'll laugh at you. Uh, also who permitted people running "blacklists" to decide whether I'm trustworthy or not? Oh, the whole ASN is blacklisted? Well, I'm not other people on my ASN so just let me fucking send my fucking actual e-mails to real people.

I just think we should assume that e-mail is compromised and not use it for anything personal, unless it's PGP-encrypted. Other than that instead of relying on SpamAssasing or other spam-prevention mechanisms we should just educate people to NOT trust e-mails by default, that would work way better. I'm sure there're other, way better ways to solve the whole "spam problem" and they don't involve preventing people from running their own servers. And the last thing, did you know that the biggest sources of spam aren't small, personal e-mail servers but the biggest ones, like gmail? Just take a look here.

That's why, even though I don't want to, I have to cease and desist my personal e-mail server. Before the end of this month I'll switch back to Riseup and just lower the amount of usage of e-mail in my life. And that's sad because, at least for me, e-mail is a great way of communication, for it's not instant and doesn't ping you with annoying notifications all the fucking time.

That's it.